Midwest Lindyfest will primarily take place in the Midway area of Saint Paul, MN. We’re proud of the local hosts we get to call home for the weekend, and hope you enjoy the comfort of the Minnesota hygge we know and love.

midpointe event center

415 Pascal St N, St Paul, MN 55104

Midpointe Event Center was founded in 1986 to create a safe, unique, and unforgettable space for life’s most exciting celebrations. A dance studio and banquet hall, this amazing space will be our home/main venue for both classes and all our dances throughout the weekend. It is centrally located between Minneapolis and St. Paul, adjacent to St. Paul’s Allianz Field soccer stadium.

With 14,000 sqft at our disposal across four different rooms, you’ll be happy swinging out with plenty of space, and a lot of AC units. Additionally, the space is on the Green Line and many bus lines for easy public transit and access to the cities.

triune masonic temple

1898 Iglehart Ave, St Paul, MN 55104

The Historic Triune Masonic Temple is a  historic Freemasons meetinghouse, built in 1910. It is one of the earliest and best preserved buildings erected exclusively for the use of a single Masonic Lodge. The exterior is virtually unchanged while the interior retains its classic integrity and remains substantially intact. The Historic Triune Masonic Temple is the last remaining historic Masonic temple within the cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, and it is still an active home to a Masonic Lodge. 

Enjoy the historic architecture, hand-painted ceiling, and antique art and furniture while you take classes in the upstairs ballroom. This space is one of our favorites in the metro, and it is just 1.4 mi from Midpointe Event Center.