Apr 2014 03

The MWLF Crash Course makes a return for its second offering in as many years. The requirements for this year are still fairly low, but we do require that not only do you know the swing out, but you must have some experience dancing Lindy Hop. The course won’t teach you how to swing out, but it will cover movement basics and things that rely upon the swing out. See the Crash Course Page for further details.

Mar 2014 01

Get on the Boat!  The Riverboat Jazz Dance Cruise featuring Patty and the Buttons returns again in 2014!  Get your tickets before they sell out!

Feb 2014 01

MWLF is happy to announce that the Artistic Director of the Show is Jon Tigert, returning for his second year.  He will be assisted by Managing Director, St. Paul Lindy Hoper, and Rhythm Junction DJ, Michael Brafford.  The show is shaping up to be fantastic, hosted at Patrick’s Cabaret this year, will include performances from our instructors, invited guests from around the nation, and expanded local acts.  We look forward to having you join us!

Dec 2013 09

Midwest Lindy Fest is proud to announce that registration is now open!

We're excited to bring you Alice Mei, Thomas Blacharz, Nick Williams, Sylvia Sykes, Noami Uyama, and Peter Strom. Come dance with us all to our headline musical act Gordon Webster Sextet featuring Naomi Uyama! Additional live music provided by Patty and the Buttons and the Twin Cities Hot Club.

http://midwestlindyfest2014.dancecamps.org/ — in Minneapolis, MN.

Oct 2013 28

MWLF 2014

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Stay tuned for details on MWLF 2014 as we bring you another year of amazing music, dancing, and world-class instructors!