Volunteers are a vital part of making MWLF happen, but for the event to be successful, we need to be able to count on our volunteers to follow through on their commitments.  Our volunteers go through a general application process and we have two levels of involvement at the event:

  • Full-pass volunteer: You're staffed for ~10 hours in exchange for a full weekend pass.  We attempt to schedule you so that you can attend auditions and many classes and dances, however you may be asked to skip some courses or events as needed.
  • Dance-pass volunteer: You're staffed for ~5 hours in exchange for a full dance pass.  We attempt to schedule you primarily during classes and auditions so you can attend most of the dances, however you may be asked to miss portions of a dance as needed.

Volunteer Registration Process

IMPORTANT: New volunteers will purchase the event ticket they are interested in prior to completing the volunteer application.  Returning volunteers must register but need not pay. This ensures that your space will be held for you and that lead/follow balance can be closely tracked. If this situation is financially impossible for you, please email volunteer@midwestlindyfest.com to discuss other options.

Should you be selected as a volunteer, we will refund you according to the guidelines above up to the cost of your ticket.  Volunteers who chose to purchase a workshop pass but are assigned a dance pass role will be reimbursed at the average price of a dance pass.  If you prefer to switch to a dance pass, you are responsible for finding somebody to whom you can transfer your workshop pass.

Please email volunteer@midwestlindyfest.com if you have any problems or questions!

Volunteering Application & Timeline

The application is available HERE!

The timeline for the Volunteer selection is as follows:

  • Application will be available Monday Feb 5
  • Applications close at 930pm on Monday, Feb 26th
  • Volunteer selections will be emailed on Monday, March 8th
  • Local volunteers have a meeting at 7:30pm on Monday April 23rd at Dunn Brother's Coffee.
  • All volunteers have a 7:15pm training on Friday, April 27th.