Short Showcase

Each spring, during one of our fundraiser dances here in Minneapolis, we host a contest to determine an outstanding Short Showcase. The winner(s) of the 2018 competition earn(s) the opportunity to present their piece during the weekend.

From common to zany, jazz to Sexyback, this coveted opportunity brings out many great ideas. It makes for a fun night of social dancing and showcases for both performers and spectators


2018 Competition

          The contest dates have not yet been decided.

Contest Rules

  • Competitors must be present at the contest to be considered.
  • The choreography must not be longer than a minute in length.
  • The choreography can be in any style.
  • Group pieces are great.
  • Solo pieces are also great.
  • The winner(s)' entry fees for the MWLF 2018 Showcase competition will be waived.
  • Judging is conducted by the MWLF Board.
  • Please direct questions and submissions to

Song Submissions

  • Email song submissions to with the subject line beginning “Short Showcase Entrant"
  • Please email us if you intend to present a choreography, in person, at the dance so that we can be prepared with the same info, music, etc. Last minute entrants at the dance will not be allowed unless you make it really, really easy for the organizers.
  • Include your name, preferred email address, and phone number in your email so that we may contact you.
  • Include the names of your performers, the song being used (which portion of it), arrangement and composer.
  • Arrange to submit your music to MWLF Board no later than two days before the competition.

Why short?

Preparing choreography requires an enormous amount of practice, innovation, knowledge, memorization and well just lots of time. The effort required for working on this form of competing or performance is often a hurdle great dancers never overcome. By lowering the bar, from the amount of time perspective, we hope to increase the number of performances out there. The time required to prepare for a 3 minutes performance piece compared to the preparation for only a less-than-a-minute-long piece is vastly different.  The Midwest Lindy Fest Short Showcase challenge encourages more dancers to work at this form of dancing.  This contest makes it easier for all dancers to participate in performance choreography.