The Hot Baked Goods

Friday and Saturday Nights 9 p.m. - 12 a.m.

Led by Ryan Calloway, The Hot Baked Goods are a band of young jazz musicians playing hot tunes of the '30s. Most of the band members started as swing dancers and became so infatuated with the music that they decided to make some themselves!

This up-and-coming dance band is making the trip all the way out from San Francisco to blow your mind with a full night of hot-baked sets at the Saturday main parties. 

Robert Bell Hot Swing Combo

Friday Night 9p - 12a

Revered by local lindy hoppers and dance-shy jazzheads alike, Robert Bell is one of the most important figures in the Twin Cities jazz scene today. Of the many dance bands he leads, his Hot Swing Combo was brought together in the early aughts for the sole purpose of providing dancers the opportunity to be as expressive, creative and innovative as possible.

Steeped in the 30's and 40's swing tradition but not afraid to let Robert's gypsy jazz history inflect their sound, the Hot Swing Combo brings it every time dancers' feet hit the floor.

Patty and the Buttons

Thursday Riverboat 7 p.m. - 10 p.m.

Patty and The Buttons formed in the fall of 2008 when accordionist/vocalist Patrick “Patty” Harison returned to his midwestern home. Having been raised in the Minneapolis music scene, he knew just the guys to call. For 3 years, Patty had been traveling extensively with Loose Marbles and Panorama Jazz Band out of New Orleans, LA. With Panorama Jazz Band he appeared at many notable festivals including The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, French Quarter Festival, Veracruz International Jazz Festival and others. The Loose Marbles have been all over the world and back playing street corners, theaters, festivals, plantations, parks, squats, caravans, riverboats, ferries and various other locales. He also spent a year in New York studying and playing with some of the worlds finest musicians. While in NYC, he also founded the Baby Soda Jazz Band which features some off the finest young “hot” jazz players in the world.

The Buttons are a continuance of Patrick’s love of hot rhythm and happy feet. Patty’s eclectic taste gives the band diverse influences including New Orleans Traditional Jazz, Western Swing, Gypsy Melodies, Dust Bowl Ballads, Jug Music and 1930′s Popular Song. The core instrumentation of accordion, clarinet, guitar and bass is light and swift, but also beautifully melancholy and lush when it needs to be. The band also performs as a six piece with drums and trumpet for larger affairs. Patty, mostly known as an accordionist, doubles as the bands vocalist. His voice is inspired most by the old time hollers and croons from the dawn of recording once described as “Tom Waits meets Rudy Vallee.” More than anything, The Buttons is a group that is always enjoying themselves… Which seems to give audiences permission to do the same.

Twin Cities Hot Club

Sunday Night 9 p.m. - 12 p.m.

The Twin Cities Hot Club represents Minnesota in the burgeoning revival of gypsy jazz originally popularized by Django Reinhardt, Stephane Grappelli and the Hot Club of France in the 1920s and '30s. They recreate not only the famous la pompe (the pump) that distinguishes this romantic brand of acoustic jazz, but also gypsy bossanova, musette, bolero and swing. Twin Cities Hot Club perform this timeless deep-rooted music that is physical and speaks directly to the heart.

Prolific players in the Minneapolis and St. Paul lindy hop scene, the Twin Cities Hot Club has been keeping Minnesota dancers warm in the winter and sweltering in the summer for nearly a decade! They're a great regional favorite.

         Check out their sounds here


DJ Nick Davis

Nick Davis began dancing in 1998 and discovered Lindy Hop in 2002. After founding Eugene's Track Town Swing in 2012, Nick has traveled around the globe to hone his dancing skills. Hewas the 2014 Frankie Manning Foundation Ambassador to Herräng Dance Camp in Sweden.

Since then, he has become part of the Frankie Manning Foundation and is actively involved in shaping the future of the global swing dance scene. When not traveling to dance events Nick can be found teaching and DJing in his home scene of Oregon. He believes bringing people together through the joy of Lindy Hop is his true life calling.

DJ Kevin Kim

Kevin got into DJing because he loves exploring, collecting, and sharing music. If the song makes him move, he thinks it’ll move you too. He started DJing in his home scene of Atlanta in 2013. Over time, he’s had the privilege of being invited to DJ at dance events all across the South East (and now the Midwest!), pushing the play button on swing, blues, and soul sets. You can usually find him on the DJ rotation for Hot Jam and Terminus Blues.

DJ Susan Olson

Susan first fell for swing as a young tween in the heady aftermath of The Gap Commercial, but didn't start actually lindy hopping until 2005. She has been playing tunes for dancers since 2008, and since then has had the pleasure of DJ’ing frequently both at home in Minneapolis and around the country.  Past events include Heartland Swing Festival, Midwest Lindy Fest, and Madison Invasion.  Fortunately for all concerned, Susan has long since moved on from Zoot Suit Riot and looks forward to pressing play on only the finest of jazz for her hometown event.

DJ Melissa Varriano

Dedicated to packing dance floors since 1999, DJ Mel has been steadily building her DJ repertoire beat by beat. Known as a purveyor of infections dance grooves, a meticulous organizer, and for her dedication to creating a feel-good atmosphere; she has brought her sounds to dance floors on both coasts and overseas. Her music collection spans the eras and includes Jazz, Lindy Hop, Soul, Funk, R&B, 80’s pop, 90’s Hip Hop, and the best of the 2000’s. DJ Mel can be found behind her signature 4-deck red DJ controller at Lindy Hop & Soul dances, weddings, private engagements, and corporate events alike.

DJ Angie Boettcher

Angie has loved swing music and dance ever since she can remember, and finally got to take her first lindy hop class at UCSD in 2007. A few short years later, she started DJing at the dance at the UCSD coffee shop, which is still her favorite venue! Besides dancing and DJing in San Diego, Angie had the opportunity to DJ while living in Tokyo, and recently has been playing all of her favorite old and new artists for the dancers at Rhythm Junction in Minneapolis. Angie has always felt a strong connection to swing music, and has loved listening to local bands, attending jazz festivals, and collecting new music wherever she is traveling.