I won a pass, what passes can I select?

Congratulations on your win and thanks for choosing MWLF!

The pass you won is a "Full Weekend Pass", but you can "down convert" to a "Dance Pass" by skipping all the classes.

All competitions are extra.  At MWLF, everyone pays the competition entry fees.

Add-ons and Merchandise are also extra.

I can't make it any more; what can I do? Can I get a refund?

Midwest Lindy Fest generally does not offer refunds, sales are considered final.

If you have purchased your pass and can no longer attend, you may elect to defer the pass to next year's Midwest Lindy Fest, but you may only defer one time.  In addition, you may sell your pass to another person as long as you complete the transfer before the transfer deadline, which is no less than one week before the first event of the weekend.  We are not responsible for the financial transaction.

In either case, you will need to email us at registration@midwestlindyfest.com.  If you are transferring your pass to another individual, CC them on the email you send us. In a few days' time, you should receive a response indicating the completion of the deferral or transfer.

Note: Passes won in a competition are not transferrable, but they may be deferred up to one year.

When is the last day I can transfer my ticket to another person?

Friday, April 19th, for the 2019 event.  If you cannot make it, you can defer your ticket to next year if you notify us within a week after the event.

How do I know which class and audition to go to?

For electives, go to the class of your choosing. 

For auditions, you will receive your audition time upon arrival. Your group will be assigned based on your survey responses. You can be placed into any level from any audition.

For block classes, go to the classes on your level card.  Your level will be emailed to you during Saturday lunch and also posted on the TVs in  the lounges.  Our friendly staff can also look up your level from any registration station.

Levels 1 and 2 can pick up their level cards at their first class at Celtic Junction and levels 3, 4, and 5 can pick up their level cards from the front desk at Dancer's Studio.

Do I have to audition?

Yes, unless you're opting into level 1 or have a competition or dance pass.

Those who do not audition are automatically assigned to level 1.  Pick up your level 1 card from the registration desk after the auditions have begun.