Check back here for more details on the Midwest Lindy Fest 2019 Riverboat dance. We'll give you more information soon.

For almost a decade, Midwest Lindy Fest attendees have danced down the Mississippi River aboard the charming Anson Northrup, a faithful reproduction of early 20th-century steam ships.

A 13-mile round-trip river cruise with three sets from Patty and the Buttons provides ample opportunity to swing out, catch up with old friends, and join in general merriment. Grab a cocktail from the cash bar and enjoy conversations with new friends while you gaze at the banks of historic Minnesota regional parks and islands.


April 26, 2018


Boat Departs
Music by Patty and the Buttons

Important Note: Don't be late! The boat leaves at 7:00pm sharp, whether you're on it or not. But we would prefer that you are!

Boat Returns

Disclaimer: All schedules are subject to change without notice.