Collegiate Jitterbug Championships

The Collegiate Jitterbug Championships represent an important stepping-stone on a competitor’s dance journey. Our focus on amateur competitions makes the Collegiate Jitterbug Championships like no other national competition. It is a venue where competitors can hone their skills without the pressures or distractions of professional divisions. It is a platform where amateur competitors can shine. Our goal is to encourage competition in a safe and supportive atmosphere.

Dancers from all over the nation will travel to the Twin Cities to compete in seven dance divisions in the hopes of being honored as the Overall Collegiate Jitterbug Champions. Dance teams battle it out for the coveted Cutters Cup Trophy.

You could be a Collegiate Jitterbug Champion!

The Overall Collegiate Jitterbug prize is awarded to the two competitors (one leader and one follower) who accumulate the most points across the four Open dance divisions – Open Strictly, Open Mix & Match, Open Slow Groove, and Open Solo Jazz.

All participants gain points for each contest. The two competitors with the most points at the end of the weekend are declared the Collegiate Jitterbug Champions! They will receive upgradeable weekend dance passes to Beantown Dance Camp in Massachusetts, a cash prize, and the CJC Jitterbug Trophies!